Considerations When Buying Art

Investing in art is one of the most joyful additions to your home that really makes it your space.  Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect piece for your home.


Size and Placement

How much space do you have, and where will you be placing your art?  One of the most common mistakes we see people make is choosing a piece that is too small for the space.  We recommend taking a measuring tape and writing down the exact dimensions of your wall (and the furniture below if applicable) and keeping them in your phone, along with a few pictures of your wall and room.  That way they will be ready for easy reference when you visit the gallery.


Another trick is to use painter’s tape to mark out size and placement so you can have a clear idea of the painting dimensions you are looking for.


Private and digital viewing are also excellent options when you have narrowed down to a few specific pieces that you like.  This gives you the opportunity to see how they look in your space, and in the case of private viewing, live with the painting for a few days so you can decide if it is the right piece for you.  Please contact us for more information on private and digital viewing.


Colour and Style

It is important to consider the colours and style of your space.  What is the quality of the colours in your home decor?  Are they warm or cool?  Cozy and soft, or crisp and clear?  Are they very light, or very dark?  Is your decor more modern or traditional?  Light and airy, or a little moody?  You want to choose art that compliments your decor and colour scheme, rather than fighting them.



It’s a good idea to crunch a few numbers so you have an idea of what size of budget you are working with.  We are happy to offer our clients layaway options to work out a comfortable monthly instalment to make purchasing art easier for you.



Art should make you feel good when you look at it, and reflect part of you.  Browse through the different artists’ collections and make a note of the artists and the pieces you are drawn to.  Do you love the outdoors?  Do you want a nod to nostalgia with a piece reminiscent of your hometown?  Do you have a favourite animal, flower, or colour?  Do you love a good party, or have a favourite sport or activity?  Ultimately, the most important thing in any piece of art is that you love it.


We want to help you find your perfect piece!  Please contact us and we would be thrilled to guide you through the process and help you discover the right painting for you.