Nectar Nebula, alcohol ink bee-inspired abstract painting by Paulina Tokarski | Effusion Art Gallery, Invermere BC
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Nectar Nebula

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MediumAlcohol Ink on Canvas
Dimensions (inches)60" X 36" (152cm X 91cm)
ArtistPaulina Tokarski
As an artist deeply inspired by the stories my husband, a local beekeeper in the valley, shares with me, I present to you my latest abstract masterpiece, "Nectar Nebula" This painting is a visual celebration of the incredible importance of bees in our world. With each brushstroke and pour of ink, I aimed to capture the essence of these remarkable pollinators and the enchanting tales that surround them. Drawing from my husband's beekeeping expertise, I incorporated dehydrated pollen into the artwork, not just for its texture but as a tangible symbol of the profound connection between bees and the vital process of pollination. One of the most striking elements of the painting is the presence of the hexagonal pattern, which emerges throughout the canvas. To achieve this effect, I utilized one of my husband's hive frames to imprint the intricate shape, paying homage to the harmonious structure of a beehive. The hexagon, with its interlocking angles, embodies the meticulous organization and collective effort found within these awe-inspiring colonies. Through a symphony of vibrant hues and layered alcohol inks, I aimed to convey a sense of movement and vitality. As you explore the painting, allow the amalgamation of colors and textures to transport you to the world of these industrious insects, as they diligently navigate their environment and play an irreplaceable role in sustaining our delicate ecosystem. "Nectar Nebula" is more than just a visual representation of a world through bees eyes; it is a heartfelt tribute to their significance. By incorporating materials directly connected to my husband's beekeeping practice, I sought to create a profound reminder of the immense impact these small creatures have on our planet. It is my hope that this artwork inspires viewers to marvel at and respect the intricate and essential role that bees play in maintaining the delicate balance of our natural world. - Paulina Tokarski