New Beginnings by Gina Sarro | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC

Our new ArtPlacer app allows you to view your favorite paintings in real time on your wall and play with options online anytime, anywhere.  We can also create digitalized viewings for you if you send us a picture of your space and the dimensions of your wall.  Please just contact us for more information and to set up your viewing.


We are currently sorting out an ArtPlacer glitch on the individual art pages where paintings are not showing up to scale on the bedroom wall.  We are working hard to fix it and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience; please let us know if  we can create some digital images to scale for you in the meantime.


Download the free ArtPlacer app in the Apple and Android App Stores onto your phone or tablet.  Open the app and search for Effusion Art Gallery to open our online gallery and choose the painting you would like to view.


Tap “Preview with Augmented Reality” and stand three steps away from the wall where you wish the view the art and then click “next”.  You may be asked to move your device in circles on the floor.  Match the red line in the marker to the intersection of the wall and the floor (this usually works best with your phone in its side rather than upright; make sure your screen isn’t locked in portrait mode) and click next.  Once the painting appears on your wall, use your finger to move the painting to your desired location.  The painting is now visible on your wall in real time!