Virginie Schroeder

Artistic Statement:

“I seek an invented, unstructured, different and yet popular vision, that hopes to awaken our senses in experiencing my work.”


Meet Virginie Schroeder, an innovative Quebec artist whose artwork is a mesmerizing sculpture brought to life on canvas, bursting with vibrant colours and intricate details. With a playful combination of lines, circles, and geometric shapes, she creates captivating pieces that reveal hidden subjects waiting to be uncovered.

By stripping away the linear structure of familiar subjects like faces, animals, and landscapes, Virginie transforms them into something entirely new and unexpected. As viewers navigate between the figurative and the imaginary, they discover the magic of her art as a vibrant celebration that ignites the imagination.

Virginie’s art is designed to intrigue and provoke questions, with its abstract nature requiring a closer look to reveal its full complexity. She encourages viewers to engage with all their senses, allowing themselves to be fully immersed in the experience. Her paintings serve as catalysts for new artistic perspectives, leaving a lasting impression with their intricate technical skill.

For Virginie, interaction with her audience is key to her creative process. Her art invites verbal and psychological exchanges, challenging viewers to explore beyond the surface and delve into the depths of their own perceptions. Each piece is a reflection of her aesthetic intuition, sparked by the interplay of geometric forms.



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