Stacey Bodnaruk

Stacey Bodnaruk, an artist and photographer, has combined a passion for the Pacific with her art, creative design, photography, and background in interior design. Her goal is to create artwork that inspires, evokes emotion, and starts a conversation. Her fine art photography pieces expertly blend multiple layers of original photos, which are harmoniously intertwined to create a dream-like story.

Stacey draws inspiration from mountains and oceans. The power and beauty from these natural forces influence both her personal and professional life. She captures photography from mountain vistas, Canadian wildlife, surf breaks, old growth forests and wild places around the world. Artwork from her current collections are curated from travels around British Columbia, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, and from her home town of Whistler.

Her approach, which she terms ‘artography’, layers and fuses three to 10 photos that are blended to create vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork that could never be achieved from one photo alone. She often combines aerial and ground photography to create captivating and unique perspectives. The artwork is printed on aluminum gloss, which produces a vibrant and unmatched depth of colour with beautiful reflections of light, resulting in the medium being part of the art itself.

Since 2014, her work has appeared in art exhibitions in Whistler, Squamish, Vancouver and Totino. Various commercial spaces, galleries and boutique hotels throughout British Columbia also display her work. Although her clients include a strong local following, her artwork is also sold and collected across the globe.

Stacey graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design at the University of Manitoba. She moved west to join a Vancouver-based architectural firm where digital design became an integral part of her work. She then started Reactive Design Inc., a creative multimedia design company she has led as owner and art director for over 20 years. The company transformed when she expanded to include photography and aerial drone services. Travel, surf and the mountain lifestyle have become an integral part of her life, where she captures photos from breathtaking, remote locations. These images inspired her to create beautiful pieces of artwork, each with their own story. Her career as an artist began when she had a vision to create a piece of art that combined her passion for mountains, oceans and the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Stacey’s goal is to create artwork that offers a vibrant, meaningful and dream-like story all within one image.

“Creating balance between elemental layers and visual concepts, I aim to communicate a story which leaves the viewer directed but not limited to the freedom of interpretation.”

“Each piece telIs a story of the area or moment in nature. My goal is that the artwork will inspire, evoke emotion, and infuse a greater fulfillment and joy into people’s lives.”



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