Sandy Kunze

Artistic Statement: 

It is our innermost human prerogative to find ourselves in the world… as the world. More than tools for directing broad brushstrokes which attempt to capture and tame the grandeur of the Canadian wild, these hands seek to hold a feeling, the essence of a place in a timeless moment. Each painting or composition is initiated on site, where the light streaming through a stormy sky is the artist’s own perspective, where the unique view from the waterline provides a rich reservoir from which to decipher color, form, line, scale and subtle aesthetics.

Sitting on the ground, hearing nature’s rhythms, feeling the natural play of sun and wind, earth’s own passion is deeply shared in this translation of light shifting across the landscape as the planet tips through the circle of the seasons. It is in this authenticity, this deep connection, where nature is found to be identical with the peace of our own human nature.



Meet Sandy Kunze, whose approach to painting goes beyond mere visual representation—it’s about forging a profound connection with the world around her.

Through her art, Sandy seeks to capture the fleeting moments of beauty and distill the essence of a place in its purest form. Whether it’s the dynamic interplay of light on a stormy sky or the gentle hues of a sprawling landscape, she embraces the inherent beauty of nature in every brushstroke.

Sandy’s deep connection to the natural world is palpable in her process—she paints on-site (plein air), immersing herself in the spirit of each locale. This direct engagement with her surroundings infuses her work with a unique energy, allowing viewers to feel the essence of the place through her art.

As a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, with a specialization in Printmaking, Sandy’s artwork has found its way into collections across the globe. From public spaces to private homes and corporate offices, her pieces resonate with audiences worldwide. You can catch a glimpse of her captivating creations at the new Calgary International Airport, where they’re proudly on permanent display.


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Moraine Lake in June, acrylic landscape painting by Sandy Kunze | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
Moraine Lake in June 1 + 2 by Sandy Kunze