Paulina Tokarski

Paulina was born and raised in a small town in central Poland and immigrated to Canada in 1988.  After completing college in Victoria B.C., starting a family, and building two successful businesses her family decided it was time to move from the West Coast to the mountains. In 2017 her family settled in Invermere where the outdoors became an integral part of their lives.

Paulina’s journey as a self-taught artist began in her teenage years. She spent years exploring acrylics on canvas and wood, later adding acrylic inks and playing with mixed media. 

She is most fascinated working with alcohol inks on Yupo paper and wood panels.  As each drop of ink combines with pure alcohol, this unpredictable and fascinating medium shifts and flows in ways that are mesmerizing and vibrant.

Paulina’s inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and all her shapes, textures and colors. Hiking the backcountry, feeling the power of the ocean, and hearing the sounds of nature all allow her to engage in a practice of exploration and renewal. Paulina’s art is a reflection of her surroundings and the place that exists within her creative mind; a place she can escape to and be lost within.


Artist Statement

My art is what keeps me grounded and connected to myself and the living world that surrounds me.

In my work, I like to capture the beautiful shapes, colors and textures of nature and wildlife.  By examining the details of color palette and composition, I hope to have the viewer see natural world through my creative set of eyes and bring out a feeling of wonder and curiosity in each piece.   In my work I like to capture the mysteries of nature, challenge the viewer to decipher the mystery within the painting. The push and pull of realism vs abstract is quite apparent in my fine art collection resulting in a unique representation of how complex and distinct natural world is.

Alcohol and ink being the main medium that I work with is the most fascinating to me.  Once the ink and 99% alcohol interact and flow, evaporate and get woken up with a drop of alcohol, the infusion is nothing but magical.  Because of the fluidity of alcohol ink with each pour and each brush stroke my art comes alive.  When the alcohol and ink dry, the rich colors and texture look as if it the ink is still in motion.  By adding acrylic paint and mixed media, I bring out more depth creating more meaning and emotion in my pieces.

One drop of alcohol on a piece can blend and erase hours of work time, there for I purposely do not attach myself to evolving project of artwork until they are fully finished.  Controlling the ink is challenging but over the years I have learned to love the unforeseeable outcome and appreciated the beauty of letting go of expectations and enjoying the process as much as the result. With each piece I create, I form an intimate and open relationship that allows me to express myself and let my creative mind run wild.

Each piece I create is simultaneously an extension of my surroundings – where I have been and what I have seen. I hope my art will convey marvelous reminders of our beautiful natural world we live in, a place where we can all find sanctuary for our mind and body.



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