Mark Farand

Meet Mark Farand, a landscape artist who breathes new life into urban and rural scenes from the past, stirring memories of the terrain of his generation’s upbringing. Through his art, he brings beloved locales and nostalgic landmarks to life, whether it’s an old grocery store nestled on the corner, the graceful presence of abandoned gas pumps, or the timeless allure of aging grain elevators surrounded by swaying wheat in the prairie breeze.

In 2019, Mark ventured into uncharted artistic territory by integrating oil painting on scroll-cut wood into his repertoire. His innovative technique involves crafting three-dimensional, interlocking ‘canvases’ using individually scroll-cut pieces of wood of various shapes and sizes. While his finished works may initially resemble traditional oil paintings, their true dimensionality is revealed when viewed from different angles and under varying light conditions throughout the day. This exploration has ignited Mark’s creativity, inspiring him to explore painting landscapes and wildlife using this distinctive and visually striking method.

Mark was born in Calgary, Alberta, and pursued studies in illustration and design at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the Alberta College of Art and Design (now known as Alberta University of the Arts). After spending a year working as a commercial illustrator, he made the pivotal decision to shift his focus to fine art in 1991—and we’re grateful that he did!


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