Kimberly Kiel

Canadian artist Kimberly Kiel was born in Saskatchewan in 1972, and started her painting career at the age of 31 while living in Calgary. Lured by the wide open spaces of her home province, she moved back to Saskatchewan with her husband & two sons on an acreage near her hometown, where she has been residing since 2008.


Kiel received a Bachelor of Administration from the University of Regina in 1994 and upon graduation, she launched a successful Financial Planning career based out of Regina. In the 1990’s she left Saskatchewan for the greener pastures of Calgary, AB and continued building her financial planning practice for the next decade.

In 2003, she decided it was time for a change and sold her practice to take up life as an artist. While predominately self taught, early on in her career she benefited greatly from the mentoring offered by several other artists. Having always had a love for creating things – for music, for dance – she found one of her greatest passions when she applied paint to canvas with a brush for the first time, and finds as much joy in the process as in the end product. “For me creating art is a passion. A celebration of the joy and colour to be found in life.”

Kiel’s business experience and entrepreneurial spirit have served her well. Her artwork is currently showcased and sold in galleries from British Columbia to Quebec, as well as in Switzerland. It can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide.


Kiel expresses herself through a wide variety of subject matter: landscapes & treescapes, figurative pieces and florals. She loves the creaminess of oil, the opportunity to blend and the fact that it doesn’t dry too quickly. Looking at her work, it’s obvious that colour is a major source of inspiration. She greatly enjoys playing around with the surface on the canvas, creating different layers and textures.

“I paint as an expression of joy and energy. It is pure delight to squeeze out huge piles of oil paint, squish it around, have it blend, meld and combine. Wet paint, layer upon layer, morphing into a tangible and interesting surface – thick, creamy, an array of gorgeous impasto marks. I strive to leave much to the imagination, for the viewer to fill in the blanks. To go from a blank, white canvas to one filled with brilliant, glorious colour – there is a huge sense of satisfaction in that,” says the artist.

She acknowledges that her goal is to create something subjective, intriguing and stimulating. She wants her art to touch and engage hearts, minds and souls. As an artist, Kimberly Kiel is energetic outgoing and charming, just like the paintings she creates. Her full-of-life attitude perfectly depicts her creations.

View all of her previous work here.



A Feeling on the Wind, mixed media landscape painting by Kimberly Kiel | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
A Feeling on the Wind by Kimberly Kiel
A Life Uncategorized by the Moments by Kimberly Kiel | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
A Life Uncategorized Between the Moments by Kimberly Kiel
Day In, Day Out, original landscape painting by Kimberly Kiel installed above a stone fireplace | Effusion Art Gallery in Invermere, BC
Day In, Day Out by Kimberly Kiel
Don't Fence Me In by Kimberly Kiel | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
Don’t Fence Me In by Kimberly Kiel
Kimberly Kiel painting, installed | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
Floral by Kimberly Kiel
In the Stillness by Kimberly Kiel - installed | Effusion Art Gallery + Glass Studio, Invermere BC
In the Stillness by Kimberly Kiel
Original floral painting by Kimberly Kiel installed in a formal dining room | Effusion Art Gallery in Invermere BC
Life is What Happens When We’re Making Other Plans by Kimberly Kiel