Kayla Eykelboom

Artistic Statement:

“My goal with painting, along with achieving the sheer personal enjoyment and peace that creating brings me, is to inspire the viewer to pursue frequent adventures in the outdoors with loved ones. To me, the celebration of the natural world in the form of painting creates a platform for discussions about ecological conservation, where people can come together to share stories and learnings, and feelings of joy and gratitude. I wholeheartedly wish for all people to care for the natural world and its unique ecosystems for generations to come, so that the landscapes I choose to share on canvas remain vibrant in reality.”


Meet Kayla Eykelboom, a landscape artist whose vibrant paintings are a celebration of the breathtaking landscapes found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, radiating with a vitality that amplifies their natural beauty. Through her paintings, she hopes to evoke feelings of awe, connection and celebration, inspiring her viewers to seek out and draw closer to Mother Nature.

Her work exudes vibrant tones, softly blended gradients and juxtaposes the vagueness of expressionism with the clarity of detail. Her newer compositions use multi-layered textures to mimic water’s fluidity and prismatic effects.

Guided by a boundless curiosity for the natural world, Kayla pursued a biology degree specializing in Ecological Sciences at the University of Alberta. Following several years as a field biologist, a serendipitous turn of events brought her back to her true passion for fine art.

Kayla grew up in Canmore, Alberta, on Treaty 7 Territory, and now calls Fernie, British Columbia, Ktunaxa Traditional Territory, home.


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Mount Nelson, Seasons of Beauty by Kayla Eykelboom installed in it's beautiful new mid-century modern home | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass  Studio, Invermere, BC
Mount Nelson Seasons of Beauty by Kayla Eykelboom