Katie Lois

Katie Lois paints, quite simply, because she must. Being self-taught, this passion is deeply ingrained within. Creating is the purest means of communicating her truth and point of view.

Her process is instinctive and involves extensive layering of colour and lines. As the paint accumulates on the canvas, it dictates the direction of the piece. It is not about trying to make something but rather surrendering to the flow of a visual cue or thought. For Katie, it is an exploration of intuition and an experiment in letting go to exist in the present moment.

Each creation elicits an opportunity for alternate perspectives. That is what cubism has become for Katie- challenge without prejudice and control. Her paintings are an invitation to immerse yourself in a scene and draw on your own experiences, emotions, and perceptions to create meaning that is uniquely personal.

Katie’s hope is for each piece to bring your home or space back to you. Art is a vibe; it evokes feelings and reflections that can help you understand yourself better.

Katie resides in Calgary, Alberta with her children and canine sidekick. Much of her inspiration comes from the simple beauty of nature, and the relationships we create within it.



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Blaeberry Valley View, original landscape painting by Katie Leahul | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
Blaeberry Valley View by Katie Lois
Hearts and Souls, acrylic landscape of Floe Lake by Katie Leahul | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
Hearts and Souls by Katie Lois