Karin Taylor

Artistic Statement”

For over a decade, my yoga bears have blended my passions for art and wildlife into one playful creation. By expressing their comical traits, these lovable characters remind us of our shared space with wildlife, fostering empathy and dispelling negative perceptions often associated with them, while encouraging coexistence.

With over 30 years as a wildlife artist, bears remain a cherished subject of mine. From the Alberta foothills to Vancouver and now having settled on the Sunshine Coast, my journey into yoga sparked the creation of these statues, marking my transition to full-time 3D artistry.

Witnessing people’s smiles and general reactions to my sculptures fuels my ongoing creative joy.

And, as actor and comedian Danny Kaye famously said—and my personal mantra goes— “Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”



Meet Karin Taylor, an artist whose journey began as a wildlife watercolourist in the early 90s, when she and her family embarked on adventures in the Far and Middle East before settling in Canada in 1997.

Wildlife has always been  Karin’s passion. During her time in Indonesia, she served as the house artist for the Jakarta Zoo, a hands-on experience that fueled her love for unusual materials and canvases. In Calgary, her creativity expanded, as she worked on canvases ranging from massive boulders to delicate wild turkey feathers. Her feather art became a staple at the Calgary Stampede’s Western Art Show for over 15 years and even graced television specials for HGTV and Chinese/Canadian TV.

Today, Karin primarily creates wildlife, including her beloved Yoga Bears series, which are all hand-sculpted from imported wood cellulose, air dried, and then coated in enamel.

Currently, she’s immersed in crafting a large bronze bear sculpture for public art in her hometown of Gibsons, BC.


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