Joel Masewich

Joel Masewich is a full-time visual artist.

Throughout his career, select original works have been featured in exhibitions and galleries across Canada and the United States. His art is collected by both private individuals and major corporations.

As an abstract painter, Masewich’s mixed media collage paintings represent his emotional response to nature. Visual references to water or light are reoccurring themes, always freshly explored. Using vivid complementary colours with a dynamic, layered palette, he finds bold expression with graphite markings, line and brush work. Audiences experience the positive, tactile vibrancy in his art.

Collectors and art lovers alike credit Masewich’s work as offering a bridge between representational and abstract painting. He works with acrylic on canvas, custom panels and paper. His creative process is fuelled by an instinctual exploration begun with the urgency of layering his palette of colours to canvas. His technique involves remixing the paint with palette knives and brushes, creating sharp colour extremes. Each piece is completed in one intense, uninterrupted session. Large scale collages include powder-coated laser cut stainless steel. Other materials applied to the surface canvas are copper, aluminium and select hardwoods.

Private collection commissions are a significant part of his work. Encouraging participation throughout the creative process, from initial model development through to the finished canvas, both the artist and the client enjoy a relaxed experience.

Masewich’s home and studio are located on a heritage property in the rural hamlet of Salem, near the banks of the Irvine River, in Southern Ontario. Situated on the outskirts of the village of Elora, he is an active member of the local artistic community. Rooted in this unique environment, he and his wife ,Jill, have found genuine family support, inspiration and professional growth.

Says the artist:

“My painting is nature inspired. The paintings are an abstract interpretation of the places I have travelled. The collage element of my art reflects the hidden energy that we all connect to within the landscape. Many of the paintings include large scale collage elements using stainless steel and copper, and colour theory is a major focus of my art. Painting should be a view unto something new, a different perspective on a subject or idea. Often, people comment that my art is a bridge to understanding a non-traditional view of the landscape. It is very rewarding to open up a new point of view for these people.”

View his previous work here.



Alpine Passage, mixed media painting by Joel Masewich | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
Alpine Passage by Joel Masewich
Elliptical Resonance by Joel Masewich | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
Elliptical Resonance by Joel Masewich
Western Evening, mixed media painting by Joel Masewich, installed in its gorgeous new home | Effusion Art Gallery + Cast Glass Studio, Invermere BC
Western Evening by Joel Masewich