Cody Pendleton

Meet Cody Pendleton, whose creative journey started as Studio Assistant to his equally creative wife, artist Natasha Miller.

Nestled in the breathtaking scenery of Canadian Maritime coastal life, Cody finds inspiration all around him. His unique artistic flair combines acrylics and pastels to evoke the captivating beauty of the region’s vast skies and glistening waters. Each brushstroke celebrates the rhythmic dance of the tides, the timeless allure of fishing vessels, and the vibrant marine ecosystem thriving beneath the surface. With his art, Cody endeavors to illuminate the intricate interplay between humanity and the ocean, encouraging us all to cherish and safeguard this invaluable bond.

Hailing from the Canadian East Coast, Cody embodies the spirit of maritime heritage. Born in Nova Scotia and raised on Prince Edward Island, he boasts family ties dating back over 300 years to Deer Island in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. While he’s now found his calling as an artist, Cody’s journey is as diverse as his talents. A classically trained chef by trade, his soul finds solace in island living. For the past decade, he’s immersed himself in a myriad of experiences, from lobster fishing to crafting mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas from his mobile oven.



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