Brenda Walker

Calgary-based artist Brenda Walker paints with encaustic medium, which involves adding pigments to heated beeswax and then applying that medium to a rigid surface. Having been the co- founder/owner/operator of a cake decorating business for more than two decades, Brenda loved working with beeswax because of its similarity to working with icing. The transition into painting was natural for her.

Each of Brenda’s paintings consists of many layers of wax, which are fused, scraped, and carved until the desired amount of texture and depth are achieved. Her representational style reflects a simplicity that that allows the viewers’ own creative thoughts or memories to interact with the paintings. Brenda’s art has been collected all over the world.

Artist’s Statement

Since I can remember, I have thought of myself as an artist. Whatever the medium, I have dabbled in it. Whatever supplies are required, I own them. Learning and growing, as an artist, is what keeps me coming back to the studio every day. Every painting is a lesson in patience, curiosity, surrender and acceptance.

Encaustic painting is the medium that has captured my heart and soul. From the smell of the molten beeswax to the magical way that it fuses together into layers upon layers of translucent colour and texture. I love how the wax can be sculpted, scraped, scratched, and gouged. It is mesmerizing how the flame from my torch can dance on the solid beeswax surface, turning it into a liquified pool of wonder and possibility. There is nothing like watching it puddle and swirl and within minutes of cooling, return to its solid state. Its appearance, totally different then when it started. Beeswax tends to have a mind of its own, so it has taught me not to get too attached to a result; to surrender to the possibilities and how to harness that possibility into creating something magical.

Nature has always been my muse. My style is simplistic and representational of my own visual and emotional experiences. My goal is to engage the viewer, have them get lost in the layers and textures of the wax; to strike a chord, perhaps stimulating happy thoughts of the past and memories that make them smile.



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