Cast Glass

Heather Cuell’s artwork transcends time.

For over a decade, she has been experimenting with techniques while creating unique, decorative and functional mixed-media pieces

that can be found in collections both nationally and internationally.

Individually Designed

Decorative, Functional

Translucent, Opalescent

Smooth, Textured

From intricate tile work and alluring furniture to sculpture, interior/exterior architecture and installations,

Heather’s understanding of design, colour and space, along with an astute professionalism, keeps her work in continuous demand.

· Mirrors

· Dining Room, Console & Coffee Tables

· Room Partitions & Privacy Glass

· Doors

· Railing & Kitchen Cabinet Panels

· Sinks & Backsplashes

· Wall-Mounted & Free-Standing Sculpture

· Lighting & more.


From initial glass design to fabricating integral structures,

Heather interprets the wants and desires of her clients to create stunning signature pieces that are beautifully impactful.

With her kilns, she fuses and shapes imported, handmade art and architectural glass transforming it from a solid to a liquid then back again,

enabling the creation of exclusive pieces, in a myriad of colours, that meet or exceed the most imaginative and rigorous requirements.

From conception and design to completion, delivery and installation, Heather is deeply committed to realizing ideas into realities,

creating emotional connections between her work and the environments within which they will soon exist.

“My work is forever changing and it’s a rush and a high to collaborate with clients

who are searching for that special piece to help complete their personal or professional space.”

All residential and/or commercial inquiries welcome.