Join us for this, the final installement of our popular Summer Creative Series, featuring Vancouver, BC artist Sarinah Haba as she creates live, in our courtyard.*

Using acrylic paint and pigmented inks on wood panels, Sarinah employs line drawing and scrape-away techniques to create movement and energy in otherwise static, or lumbering subjects.

From wildlife to architicture, her attention to detail, space and geometry fully engage the viewer, making them investigate all the quadrants of her work.

Sarinah will be at Effusion from 10am to 4pm, so why not drop by and have some artful fun!

We look forward to meeting you. 


To see some of Sarinah's current work, please visit her gallery page here.


Carpe Diem!


*Please note, in case of inclement weather, demonstration will take place indoors.