Valerie Allard

Valerie Allard’s interest in art shone through from an early age. But, it wasn’t until 1997, while attending Sainte-Foy College, that she seriously began studying Fine Arts, which ultimately culminated in her receiving her Bachelor of Art degree from Quebec’s Laval University in 2003.

Allard has explored a variety of different mediums including photography, engraving, and sculpting, however, her favourite method of expression remains her painting. Today, her work reflects both her personal experiences and her evolution as an artist.

Thematically, she concentrates on representing interior spaces along with still life compositions in a very urban and contemporary fashion. They exude a feeling of intimacy and warmth, while also capturing the essence of an urban lifestyle. Modern and neat, her paintings are rich with colour and texture, upon which one can detect both lavishly varnished shapes as well as others left rugged and untouched, as light pencil strokes caress and dance over the work’s entirety, making her compositions all that more enticing and intriguing.

Allard’s masterfulness of different media allows her to approach art audaciously, creatively, and freely – marks of a true Artist. Her work is part of a variety of private and public collections across Canada, the US, parts of Europe and Asia.