Karyn Chopik

Surrey, BC artist, Karyn Chopik, has explored the jewelry industry for more than two decades.

As a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Alberta, she soon became partner in a successful jewelry company offering handcrafted pieces which sold across North America.

When she noticed the industry’s shift towards mass-production, Chopik’s business sense kicked in and she started exploring opportunities in sales, forming her own promotional agency which represented top designers such as the renowned Karl Lagerfeld. Longing to create her own designs, in 1988 she forewent sales to open up the Karyn Chopik Studio.

Her essence and free spirit is embodied in all the pieces she creates, while her sculptural work explores such varied materials as ancient woolly mammoth ivory, hand-forged metals, semi-precious stones, antique beads as well as her own unique, hand-carved sterling silver and bronze castings.

Chopik’s jewelry can move from casual to formal without batting an eyelash!