Karen Bagayawa

Originally from Cambridge, Ontario, Karen Bagayawa graduated with her BFA from Queen’s University in 1998.

Her interest in travelling took her to Northern Japan to teach kindergarten. During her five-year stay, she participated in group exhibitions at The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Sacramento Fine Arts Center, New York’s Limner Gallery as well as solo exhibitions at Gallery La Vie in Northern Morioka.

Upon returning to Canada in 2004, she enrolled in the Advanced Textile Arts Certificate Program at Capilano College. Inspired by the colours and surface textures found in nature, she continues to refine her technique of cracking tile grout on woven linen, a pursuit that has lasted for eighteen years.

Her work can be found in collections throughout Japan, the United Kingdom, Austria, the United States, Australia and Canada, where she is also represented by various commercial galleries.

Karen currently resides in Coquitlam with her husband, Stephen, and their three children: Hanna, Jacob and Sienna. She draws on her natural surroundings as her greatest source of influence in her art.