Jo Ludwig

Having immigrated in 1977 from Johannesburg, South Africa to Canada, Jo believes that at one time, beauty was a necessity, even the principle quality, in works of art. Sometimes beauty alone was sufficient. But today, beauty is not necessary, and certainly not sufficient. For that matter, beauty seems almost to be detrimental. Jo’s work addresses this issue.

Through his art, he aims to present, and re-introduce, objects the primary quality of which is beauty.

As a trained Heavy Duty Mechanic Jo also holds a degree in Philosophy, but he prefers sculpture and the brilliant colour of glass. So in 1996-97 he quit everything, moved to Victoria, opened Kiln Art Glass Studio and commenced teaching himself, through trial and error, the art of kiln forming (i.e. fusing and slumping) glass. Then, in 1999, he discovered dichroic glass and has been working with it ever since.

Jo fuses and forms glass into bowls. Just bowls. The bowl-shape is intimately familiar, simple and aesthetically pleasing. And he makes bowls because the bowl-shape better focuses the light and colour. Sometimes, he creates large bowls (14 across and 6 deep), but mostly he makes them small, small enough to fit in the palm of the hand and be easily cradled and fondled, like any preciously beautiful item should be.

So, enjoy Jo’s artwork for what he want it to be, merely ‘Things of Beauty.’

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