David Grieve

David Grieve was introduced to the medium of oil painting at a young age, while accompanying his mother to her studio.

Since 1994, he has been exhibiting his own unique work which is greatly influenced by Cezanne, Monet and Van Gogh. Fascinated by the colours and textures of crops, Grieve frequently takes long drives through the ever-changing fields that surround his hometown.

A number of years ago, on a warm autumn day, he came across a giant maple tree on the edge of the road. The old maple was afire with autumn colour. That magnificent sight spearheaded his quest to find other red maple trees. Grieve loves the strength of a single tree standing alone in a field, showing off its beauty before dropping its leaves for the winter. While travelling the country roads, he takes many photos which he then uses to create his paintings. With a multi-layered technique, he applies thick swaths of oil paint, creating his personal interpretation of these moments.

For his work, Greive has received various scholarships and awards. He has been involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions in commercial, as well as, public galleries across Canada and the U.S.A., and his work hangs in many notable private and corporate collections.

Greive supports his wife and three young sons through the sales of his paintings. His family splits time between their two homes – one perched on the shores of a beautiful northern Ontario lake, the other, surrounded by the fields and trees in southern Ontario, Canada.