Linda Freedman Katz

Now calling Penticton, BC home, Freedman-Katz uses organic techniques developed after years of study, exploration and discovery, to create her Sterling Silver designs.

Born our of creative play, she uses interesting components combined in fascinating ways to create unusual pieces. Her experience in clothing design has provided her with an abundance of ideas and drive to create versatile jewelry which makes a fashion statement while complementing the wearer.

Always the visionary, hands-on artist, she forever seeks the unique, the interesting and the unexpected in the world around her. Her understated elegant collection of organic texture and misshapen form expresses her quirky personality and unique style.

Natural textures such as tree bark or seashells, contemporary architectural shapes, abstract art or even free form jazz music have the ability to stimulate her imagination. Her creative expressions then unfold with the strike of her hammer or the firing of her torch. Forging or melting Sterling Silver at extremely high temperatures with sometimes unpredictable results, produce varied textures and visual effects to her jewelry. Fired bronze and copper components, also hand-fabricated, add a richness of colour and impart an eclectic look to her creations, with the resulting mixed-metal creations becoming synonymous with her casual, fun signature look.