Patricia Morris

The inspiration for Patricia Morris' current series of paintings, “Trans Canada Drive”, comes from her love of moving through the Canadian landscape.

Born in Beauharnois QC, raised in Kitimat BC, and having lived in New Brunswick and Ontario before settling in Pointe Claire QC, she has taken many long drives over the years to visit both family and friends. Her ancestral roots in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta have also expanded her Canadian adventures by enticing her to visit more of our vast country. As Morris began to experiment with techniques for representing the experience of motion through landscape, the extent of her travels suggested the possibility of creating a Canadian collection, one that includes all the provinces and territories.

So, she now invites you to be a passenger, to remember being a passenger, and to recall moments of staring out windows at landscapes that exist only in fluid moments. Your are interacting but removed, moving fast yet sitting still, you are here, and between here and there. A fleeting glance becomes a substantial source for insight and inspiration. Enjoy your Trans Canada Drive!