Catharine Clarke

Catharine is a mixed media artist drawn to the textures and abstract qualities of the world around us.

After starting out painting in watercolours, she now prefers the versatility and rich, touchable effects she can achieve with encaustics, acrylics and collage. While her professional career has followed what some would call a more practical path, her life-long love of art has never faltered. She is starting to understand the importance of making time for one’s passions.

In recent years, she has had the opportunity to attend several workshops and courses with some incredible teachers and classmates, allowing her to hone in on what she most enjoys while simultaneously discovering her own voice. Much of her current work explores juxtapositions of rigid structures with natural and organic shapes. While most would admire a vast landscape or bouquet of flowers, she is more likely to be inspecting the pattern of rust on a door handle. So be it!