Gilles Charest

Born in 1947 in Montreal, Canada, Gilles Charest studied education, literature and administration at the University of Montreal. Upon graduating he taught for several years before making a career change in 1975 when, along with two associates, he founded an advertising agency and assumed the role of creative director.

Since 1990, Charest has been an avid art collector and enthusiast, devoting much of his time to his own painting. Today, painting is his way of life. Charest’s still-life work reflects his relentless search for unconventional textures, while his mastery of colour enables him to create brilliant, fundamentally sensual paintings embodied with harmonic transcendence. His purity of composition and unusual format choices further enhance his ability for breathing more life into his subjects than mother nature herself has.

Fruits of his imagination Charest’s still-life paintings of pears, apples, cherries and plums stretch well beyond mere familiarity, conveying a deeper sensuality and expressionism. One can feel each fruit’s weightiness and inner-meaningfulness extending well beyond the subject being depicted. What makes Charest’s work ever so compelling is the emotionality contained within, the sense that what is captured on the canvas is so much more than mere fruit.