Welcome to the Effusion Art Gallery + Glass Studio, where we help facilitate the placement of art in residential and commercial spaces throughout Canada and beyond.

We love art and we'd love to help you create your own unique space, be it at your home or place of business.

To do so, we offer a revolving roster of some of Canada's best and brightest contemporary artists, across various mediums, including gallery owner and resident artist Heather Cuell, who designs and creates her custom-made, decorative and/or functional kiln formed glass art to please the most discerning of clients.

Our gallery offers an eclectic selection along with friendly, professional services that include design guidance, on-site consultation & private viewing, professional framing and regional delivery & installation. Just a few of our purchase options include flexible layaway plans and our very popular 'pre-sale' experience.


Meet Our Team:

Heather Cuell

Raised along Autralia's Queensland coast, Heather first visited Canada to ski almost 30 years ago. She quickly became enamoured with Canada's breathtaking beauty and decided to stay. Now calling Invermere, BC home, she creates her own, unique kiln formed glass art while also running the Effusion Art Gallery + Glass Studio.

Heather continues to enjoy the Canadian outdoors with her husband, son and two dogs, and is most content in her studio, creating new and exciting cast glass art.


Trent Cuell

Originally from Banff, Alberta, Trent is our 'go-to' guy. He can build, fix and renovate at will and has an excellent understanding of art placement, design esthetique and spatial awareness. When not working, he can be found outdoors, enjoying Invermere's natural bounty, usually with a coffee & Bailey's in hand.


Stephen Lebovits

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Stephen has a BA in Journalism and is a self-taught photographer. He has traveled, lived and worked internationally including the United States, Europe and most recently Japan, where he was involved in a variety of artistic endeavours. He, along with his awesome wife Hannah and their two dogs, Soba and Darin, conitue to enjoy all the trappings of rustic, small-town life.


Kona & Nemo


Effusion's dynamic duo, an Australian Cattle Dog name Kona and her scruffy Border Terrier sidekick Nemo, both greet our clients in a friendly manner. When not found underfoot, they'll either be lounging about in the back of the gallery, or outside, barking incessantly to get back in.